Monique Boutens is an artist, true and pure.  She has mastered the art of portraying emotions and day to day life. The joy, the dreams, the all jumps off the screen. Using vivid colours and distict lines, Monique applies her wondrous technique to create works that amaze.

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Her technique reveals years of hard work, disciplined experimentation and -especially-zero concessions. And her passion for her material is unmistakable.

Monique Boutens expresses herself in mosaics and produces unique exciting images that are full of life, layered and send us a clear message: one of joy and hope.

Since 2010, the theme of house / city can often been seen in the work of Monique Boutens. As an inhabitant, you are curious about outside, but once outside , you are curious about inside. You both know that you can see each other, but you do not know each other or each other's stories.

In the windows in the work of Monique Boutens, you can see famous people from current affairs, but also complete strangers. Her houses are portraits of an area. The houses and cities do not exist, but are thought up.

The people in the houses are connected and each tell their own stories.

Monique does not judge, but relates and shows the mutual connection; as a type of facebookor, in her case, a face panel.

A couple of eyes are always incorporated in the houses. Eyes symbolise seeing, but in thes pieces of art also guarding. Guarding the occupants of the houses, the inhabitants of the city and the world.

These pieces of art symbolise hope.

" The work of Monique Boutens makes beautiful use of colour and form and tells a powerful message.

When one of her pieces has your attention, it just does not let go of you,"says Boris Schmidt organizer at Xpozz, Utrecht.